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What is Functional Training?

June 11, 2016

Functional training can be defined as any form of exercise that prepares someone for the duties they perform daily.

This form of training has foundations from rehabilitation centres, where patients had to re-learn how to carry out movements after injury or illness. Over the years, fitness experts began to study the merits of functional training exercises in the gym or at home.

For example, it is all well and good if you have muscular arms for lifting large boxes, but if your lower back can’t withstand the stress for long, you are unable to reach your full potential. If the boxes you wish to lift are roughly consistent in dimensions and weight, you can create a regime with fitness equipment like medicine balls and sand bags. As you work your way up, your back should adjust to the pressure sufficiently for the real thing.

Climbing, stretching and jumping skills, among others, can also be increased with functional training exercises. Finding the correct exercise for your needs should increase your balance, joint mobility and flexibility now that the body is coping with fluid movement.

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Photo credit: Gregor on Flickr