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How to elevate the well-being experience of your guests

October 5, 2021

If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that wellbeing is vitally important, both physical and mental. In the absence of the hustle and bustle of life, many of us have been able to reconnect with what drives us and how we can meet our own well-being needs.

As we emerge from lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are eager to travel more and to increase all facets of their wellbeing. Perhaps because of this, the wellbeing sector is predicted a much stronger than anticipated recovery.

According to the Global Wellbeing Report by Lululemon, there is an increased focus on the three pillars of wellbeing – physical, mental and social.

Well-being is clearly on the rise for travellers – it’s important that you make sure wellbeing is top of your guest list too.

There are five key ways you can make wellbeing paramount; know your audience, know the top trends, pay careful attention to the guest journey, expand your offering and make wellbeing an organization-wide focus.

Gathering and analysing data on your guests is essential for various reasons.

• It helps to predict room availability and cancellation likelihood

• It enables you to understand who your guests are and how to cluster them

• It provides insights into what your guests really value

• It allows you to identify areas for improvement impacting revenue and operational efficiency

• Helps you make more informed decisions about potential investments

While it’s vital to understand your guests inside out, part of this involves knowing –and respecting –their privacy concerns and data preferences. With a growing interest in sanitisation policies and demand for private work-out spaces, it’s worth considering individual spaces and in-room fitness solutions.

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It’s worth bearing in mind that fitness needs changed radically during the pandemic.

Thanks to the pandemic, the customer journey has become even more important in all aspects of life. As consumers, we’re more demanding and we’re less tolerant of obstructions.

How can you make sure your guests have a seamless experience that will ensure they come back for more? Are there obstacles you can remove or extras you can include? Make wellbeing a focus across the entire organisation.

Well-being must be embedded across the entire organisation in order for it to filter through credibly to the guests. Make sure your own house is in order before attempting a well-being path for your visitors.

Expand your guest offering. A hotel gym can make or break a guest experience or determine a guest’s booking. Before deciding on a route for your investment, you should thus ask yourself a couple of questions:

• Do you take into account the latest trends when deciding what equipment to choose?

• Are you agile?

• Do you ensure your equipment is easily transferable or changeable?

• Is your gym open to guests and outside users too?

• Can you offer in-room facilities?

In order to provide an optimum wellbeing experience, these points must be embedded across the entire organisation and implemented as part of a hotel-wide policy.

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