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Synrgy 180 Series

Synrgy 180

Synrgy 180

Synrgy 180

Synrgy 180


The SYNRGY180 training system has a space-saving design that serves as an efficient wall-adjacent accessory storage unit. The modular system can be custom-configured as a simple single-bay training rig or expanded to be a full room multi-bay training rig with a variety of HIIT elements.

Synrgy 90 Series

Synrgy 90

Synrgy 90

Synrgy 90

Synrgy 90


A nearly limitless variety of exercise options in one space. Rooted in the success of SYNRGY360 small group training, the SYNRGY90 system is a shift in contemporary one-on-one training—it provides the structural space trainers need, offers nearly limitless configurability and fits seamlessly in dedicated spaces.

Synrgy 360 Series

Synrgy 360XL

Synrgy 360XM

Synrgy 360XS

Synrgy 360T

Group Training

Small group training creates energy, motivates exercisers and adds a valuable revenue stream for fitness facilities.


Products with consoles that offer premium entertainment options like streaming video services or immersive programming options.


Design considerations that don’t directly impact the workout like additional cup holders, noise reducing WhisperStride and added comfort.


All Life Fitness products are built to last, but commercial grade products are rigorously tested for continuous use and feature the same materials and construction as equipment in the best clubs.


Products recommended for serious exercisers that stand up to high use and include the extras to help elevate your training.