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Go Go Gym – Life Fitness Commercial Gym Case Study

July 10, 2023
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GOGO Tampere, Finland

Go Go Gym – Life Fitness Commercial Gym Case Study


Gogo is a family business that started in Tampere, southern Finland, in 1988 with one health club. Today it has 3 clubs across Finland, with two more slated to open in 2023. Gogo attracts members with the best and latest gym equipment and keeps them with add-ons such as free childcare and breakfast.



Gogo’s ambitions were threefold: it wanted to update the design of the gyms; offer new services to current members; and attract new members with new training concepts.

Life Fitness was able to supply the equipment it needed, and to offer ideas and support across every detail.

“We wanted to create a WOW effect for the customers as they walk in and we got very good ideas from Life Fitness. They were really helpful with us and they really understood our idea,” said Vuokko Kronqvist, one of Gogo’s fitness coordinators.

But a powerful aesthetic isn’t everything, and to keep members coming back, Gogo wanted to create a strong community through small group training. A new concept in 30-minute high-intensity classes was born.


Working closely together, Gogo and Life Fitness have designed a ‘wow’ gym area, with a dynamic interplay between jet-black walls and neon lighting. Within the space, even the most demanding of members will find the most effective and up-to-date training equipment.

To resolve the issue of small group training, Life Fitness helped Gogo to create glassed-off studio areas within the space. These allow users to focus on the group activities while feeling part of the greater club community.


Run-Ride-Row combines high-tech rowing machines, Insignia treadmills with SE3HD consoles and ICG bikes. “This mixture of products allowed us to create an amazing group workout experience that caters for varying ages, demographics, and fitness levels” explains Marvin Burton, Customer Experience & Training Specialist of Life Fitness. Users can monitor their individual progress both within the class and over time on state-of-the-art consoles.


Hammer Strength Box training improves mobility, cardiovascular health and overall strength. The newly designed space allows for group workouts and individual training with or without a coach. An important aspect that Gogo wanted to address was physiotherapy, and Life Fitness has worked with them to find rehabilitation solutions and sports-specific programs.

”We co-created and defined alternative training uses which could provide additional revenue streams and a return on their overall investment and experience” concludes Marvin Burton.


Every participant surveyed agreed that both concepts motivated them to achieve their training goals, and felt that they would like to invite their friends to try the new small group classes.

“Our participants have really loved the new concepts: Run Ride Row and Hammer Strength Box,” said Eeva Kortesoja, fitness instructor at Gogo. “It brings everybody together, whether you are a group fitness goer or a gym goer, it’s common ground for everybody to enjoy a 30-minute high-intensity class.”


Go Go Gym – Life Fitness Commercial Gym Case Study


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